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5 Benefits of Regular Acupuncture

Everybody knows you should see your family physician at least once a year and your dentist at least twice a year. But not everybody knows about acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine and the many benefits it can provide for you. If you start incorporating acupuncture into your health and wellness regime, you may not have to rely on the family physician so much for those minor little issues. Let’s look at how getting regular acupuncture treatments can help you stay happy and healthy.

1. Acupuncture helps you understand your Health

There are many ways that acupuncture treatments can change a person’s life. One of the most noticeable is acupuncture can get you to look at your health from a completely different perspective. This could mean you might start taking a more in depth look at your health and come to understand how to look after your health.  Small changes in lifestyle can have lasting impacts on improving health. Changes such as better eating, more exercise or stretching, and keeping a good sleep routine can all help you stay healthy. Many long-term acupuncture patients find they no longer need all the medications prescribed by their family physician, because the symptoms have been controlled using acupuncture.

2. Regular acupuncture visits can prevent Illness

Acupuncture is great for prevention. Because regular acupuncture treatments can balance hormones and boost immunity, there is a good chance you won’t need all those over-the-counter cold medications. A trained acupuncturist can spot a problem like decreased immunity from a mile away. It can appear as symptoms such as chronic fatigue, insomnia and even body temperature fluctuations. Regular visits with your acupuncturist can help keep you on track and nip any illness in the bud before it takes hold. If you do happen to get waylaid by a cold or flu a couple of acupuncture treatments can make a big difference in speeding up your recovery.

3. “Acunaps” Reduce Stress

What about relieving some of that extra stress we all deal with? Yes, regular acupuncture treatments can keep that at bay too. Many people don’t equate being poked with tiny needles as a relaxation technique, but it truly is relaxing. Often patients actually fall asleep while resting with the needles. Acu-naps are a thing. And the beneficial effects can last for days or even weeks. So the next time you feel irritable and overwhelmed, check out your local licensed acupuncturist. For more information about how acupuncture can reduce stress stay tuned for an upcoming blog post.

4. You’ll Save Money

Regular acupuncture treatments can help you save money. What? It’s true. This goes back to the previous points. If you don’t need as many pharmaceuticals, you will ultimately save money. Also, conditions like the common cold and flu as well as stress, anxiety, fatigue and depression can keep you from going to work, possibly costing you several days of pay. But with regular acupuncture treatments, your health, both physical and mental, can be more effectively managed and you won’t need to miss work as frequently.

5. Acupuncture Helps You Remain Pain Free

One of the most well-known benefits of regular acupuncture treatments is that it will help you remain pain free. We all have aches and pains. But research has shown that acupuncture is more effective than opioids for controlling things like arthritic pain in the joints. It is also being incorporated into hospital emergency rooms throughout the United States, so people don’t need as many pain medications. As a matter of fact, in Asia, acupuncture is sometimes used by itself during and after surgical procedures to treat pain. For more information about how acupuncture can relieve pain read this post: Acupuncture Relieves Pain

While many of you may have a needle phobia, don’t let that deter you. Acupuncture is part of an amazing medical system that has been around for nearly 3,000 years. In comparison, Western medicine has only been around for about 200 to 250 years. That puts things in perspective a little, especially when you consider most people in Asian countries live longer, happier, healthier lives than almost everybody in the United States. There’s no better time than the present to start a good habit. Just be sure to seek out a fully trained and licensed acupuncturist. Your whole life just might change for the better.

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